Sunday, January 28, 2007

Our book-chewing monster

The one high thing on my to do list in Singapore is to look for soft cloth books for Sophie. This is after she'd taken quite a few hunks out of her lovely board books. She was "reading" them quietly on her play mat whilst I was surfing the net, and I thought it was a little too quiet (mommy 6th sense), so I went to check on her and she was caught in the act of chewing out board from the spine. She at least had the decency to look slightly sheepish. But I guess she is too young for board books because she still enjoys chewing on things (less so now that she's become more agile with her hands and worked out pushing/tearing/throwing etc). I tried giving her cheerios to perfect her pincer grasp, but she'll do everything else (push/tear/throw - you get the idea!) except eat them.

Anyway Fabien has left for a month to Chang Chun today, so there's just me and the book-eating monster. We miss him alot. Sophie keeps crawling around saying "papa", I wonder how I am going to explain to her that he's not about to read her a story anytime soon? On my end, I am trying not to drown my sorrows in hot chocolate and white castle microwave burgers. It is HARD... but I will presevere!

Ever since I came back to Asia i suddenly feel this incredible pressure to be skinny, and I've never really been all that bothered. It is just all these women who snap back into bikinis after having a baby ... Can I hate them or is that not allowed?


rene said...

haha, that's funny about the bikini mommies. But yes, since coming to N.Ame, when I return to Asia, I find the girls/ladies/women ridiculously skinny and me ridiculously oversized! how do you adjust Sophie to jetlag?

mini said...

some hate is healthy :)

and where are you finding these microwavable white castle burgers????

Sprog Mamma said...

my sis in law told me she had the baby then when the following week she put on her old jeans. ugh! I plan to start jogging soon.