Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sand Castles

Given our frequent flying, enforcing routine on our baby is sometimes like a constant sand castle building exercise. You know those carefully constructed turrets and portices being swept away by the incoming tide? Yeah, that's how I feel each time Sophie gets a great napping/eating schedule down, and we have to go somewhere again.

Apart from food, Sophie's other key need is for carefully scheduled sleep. Currently I follow a good sleep routine and she goes down for a nap without a fuss (even without her special Giraffe!). She wakes up with a clean diaper, and I potty her and she will pee and crap in the toilet. It impresses the heck out of alot of people but what they don't realise is that the SCHEDULE and the TIMING is a Very Fine Art Form.

We are going to see some of that this weekend, because I am going to be in Korea with my parents (yay!) and this will mess up some of the routine (boo!). Sophie isn't one of those extremely adaptable babies, partly because she's spent so much of her tiny life so far travelling already, and partly because of the emphasis we've placed on order and routine. A real irony because in truth, I am one of the most whimsical people around.

The part that scares me is going to Singapore for Chinese New Year. Sophie really really needs dark, motionless sleep (no sleeping in the stroller allowed) . so I don't know if we should stay with my parents because their appartment in Singapore is very bright, and has No black-out curtain... It is the stuff of my nightmares, and if you have ever seen an over-tired Sophie you will understand why. Just observe how cuddly and cute she is in our photos and videos. You Never will get to see any of that if she's too tired, she'll morph into this clingy, whiny and fussy monster. So what to do?

I guess the easiest way not to trouble anyone is to pay for an expensive hotel/serviced appartment. But that kinda sucks too. Sigh... I only have the next couple of days to figure out how I want to deal with it - Does anyone have a black-out curtain to lend me?


~e~ said...

Spotlight in Singapore sells affordable, ready made curtains in blackout fabric. they have adjustable width (via pull string, which in turn gives you the pleats/gathers at the top) and are easy to install on your existing curtain rails. spotlight's near my place, so i can check it out for you if you want this weekend. let me know?when will you be back in SG?

B.Karen Goh MM said...

I used to be quite anal about my first daughter getting a nap in the afternoon by hook or by crook becos only mothers understand the importance of a well-rested baby esp. at dinnertime! I eased up a bit when my son came along though. But what's good is that when he's tired he will sleep wherever we are. But we still try as far as possible to arrange outings around his naptime. Perhaps u can also try IKEA for ready made curtains?