Wednesday, March 30, 2005

510 for the next month

The room number in Residence du Parc is 510. It would have been freaky to be given room 2046... But I'll never look as good as Maggie in a cheongsam. The phone number bears repeating here, because I think we are charged for outgoing calls, but incoming should be free (*hint hint*) so +39 011 6508 383

The thing that I forgot about being in Europe is how wonderful a hot shower feels. In Singapore you take a shower to cool down, so I can actually lather up shower and get out in 5 minutes flat. This is about the time I take here to decide whether or not I want to come out of the hot water and into the cold bathroom. I wrinkle up daily in this state of indecisiveness. Quick written sketch of the surroundings: Spring is coming! Rainclouds retreat and are replaced with pale sunshine. Little fountains come alive in the parks, little shoots push out of trees, you have to dodge the dogshit on the sidewalk, busy tramways and crazy drivers.

Wonderful piece of news! My ancient laptop which I donated in Singapore will go on to Cambodia to be used by a girl going to university there. Thank you so much Kat - that has made me really happy!

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Michael Low said...

Yep, that's the Italy i remember. Crossing roads are a whole new experience; playing chicken with the drivers to see who flinches first...

Glad that you are there safe and sound, and keep the regular updates coming!