Friday, April 01, 2005

stupid keyboards and other annoyances

One more thing I forgot about being in Europe -- the keyboards! They don't use the normal QWERTY keyboard, because there are all these letters with strange symbols and then to make matters worse, people go and diddle around with the keyboard settings so that it no longer is what you see is what you get. Does anyone know how to go back to normal QWERTY setting?

Other than that, the food is great, the weather is lovely and the drivers are still crazy. There are lots of interesting people from my course, a bunch of lovely lasses from Brazil, and some gorgeous Latin American men {i bet you my friends from back home are now dying to visit when they read this). There are 5 China students. They wear suits to class and take down everything the lecturer says.

Oh yeah, I was thinking of doing some April Fool joke on you all, like announcing that I am pregnant or something. But then given that people actually take this blogsite quite seriously, I decided against it! Tell me how April Fools went in Singapore or anywhere else in the world?

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partyprincess said...

hey the students from china have it right, take my word for it! it's like 3 am in spore and this is the third nite in a row that i'm up trying to finish my freaking assignments, all of which are due tom...and the kids from china have handed in theirs a week ago!!!!!!!!!!
btw,ur slides are "on their way lah" acc to the nerd!