Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Dry Skin, Driving Lessons and Big Decisions

As can be seen from the header I am going to tell you about 3 things.

First, a general anouncement that my skin here gets really dry - much worse than when I was studying in Notts. Either I forgot how my skin reacted to English weather or (*gasp) my skin is showing my age! In any event, the next time I am in Singapore, Elaine's Natural Source discount card is probably going to be useful.

Secondly an update on the Driving Lessons. It costs about 1000 Euros to get a driving licence-- and I don't mean by illegal means. About half of the costs of obtaining a licence is eaten up by the paperwork involved. You need Document X in order to apply for Document Y and so on. Not to bore you with details, but the process is going to be long and painful and I will probably whine regularly about it on this blog = Akan Datang.

Finally, the Big Decision I have to make now is whether or not we rent this lovely apartment in the Borgo Po, which we viewed yesterday. The appartment is situated in the Bukit Timah of Turin -- a very lovely safe area with views of Piazza Grande Madre, and the Alps in the distance. The only problem is that it is just a little bit small. Originally we wanted to rent an appartment with at least 2 bedrooms, so that we would have enough room to put up guests. However this appartment is small, so guests have to sleep on the sofa. There is another appartment which is much larger, has enough room to put up guests, but is located nearer the train station, so you may have to jump a few dead bodies on the way in (just kidding).

I am not going to canvass the opinion of family and friends on this issue, unless you first declare any vested interests! However I think we are probably going to take the first appartment. This is simply because any discomfort felt by cramped guests will be only over a few days, but Fab and I would have to suffer the daily stress of walking through less pleasant surroundings on a longer term.

Okay == What do our family and friends think?


Michael Low said...

Admit it, you don't mind us coming to visit, but you don't really want to put us up...just kidding. Its ok, we'll get a hotel room...:-).

Seriously, option 1 sounds like a better idea, if the area surrounding the train station in Rome is anything to go by. Can be quite scary walking past the homeless and drunk esp at night.

kiddo said...

Absolutely unrelated I'm afraid but -

~ BTW, chances are you'll be stepping over less dead bodies if you get the flat you'll enjoy staying in more so go for that?