Sunday, April 17, 2005

Toilet Paper Trees

There is a kind of tree here which has big pink blooms and lots of little delicate petals, which shred in the slightest wind. I will get a digital camera from Singapore and show you a photo of what I mean. After some rain, the pink petals get all soggy and wet, and plaster themselves on the pavement and cars and anything else in the vicinity. They kind of look like shredded toilet paper (you know the cheap bright pink kind?) This has led Fabien to christened them "Toilet Paper Trees".


Michael Low said...

I believe they are called Jacaranda trees, and you can also find them in Singapore. They come in shades of pinks, purples and sometimes white. Don't ask me when I became an amateur of the nonsensical little facts that run around my head, which has led my wife to christen me as a "fount of useless information".

S* said...

Mike your wife is right