Monday, April 04, 2005

Ciao Karol

There is national mourning in Italy, and especially in Poland. BBC and CNN provide 24 hour live coverage of St Peters Square. Is the world ready for an African, Latin American or Asian pope? I am not sure, but for the moment, we bid him a fond farewell, and headlines in all the major newspapers here have nice eulogies about him.

The sun appears in increasing spells although it is pretty chilly and I can see my breath in the morning when I walk to school. What I am learning? Well, the first lecture last week was on Economics issues in Trade Law and Policy. Prof Enrico is in the 5 percent who do not believe in neo-classical economics, and he has some pretty contreversial views - I love it! Today we have Global Trends in something or another.

As you can see I have not really commenced with my reading list. Will of course have an Essay Crises later in the course. This is difficult to do because apart from looking for permanent accomodation, Fab and me went to the Impressionist Exhibition yesterday at the Valentino Musesum yesterday.

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