Thursday, April 14, 2005

Totally Boring Game

Last night's match was a complete waste of time. Both sides were nonsense, and I am really disappointed. The only good thing was that there were no fights taking place between the hooligans, which would have really pissed off the real fans, because that would have called off the match.

I hear your comments and will put up photos of our appartment when we have a digital camera. Fabien will try to buy one in Singapore. Or someone who is coming here to visit can get one for us or something. I will try put up a photo from our pizza party dinner that someone else took on their camera. We went to this place where you can order rectangular pizza about 1m long! Beer is cheaper here than coke.

The weekend weather is going to be crap. It is going to actually snow!


Liyi said...

Why are there no sound bites from Fab??

Michael Low said...

Yes, but unless I'm reading the weather forecast correctly, it appears that relative humidity over the weekend is 100% (ie worse than Singapore?)...go figure.

anyway, at least that guarantees one English team in the final..its going to be hard to tell who.