Wednesday, April 27, 2005

All Quiet on the Western Front

There are some people I have not heard from for some time, so I am blogging this with varying degrees of concern.

First there is Shaun - my brother in Baltimore. YOO HOO Brother -- Are you there? And why your emails have gone quiet? You mean you are actually studying?

Second there is Madoka. For those who do not know her, Madoka was this friend I made when I was studying French in Rambouillet. She lives in Osaka, which was the site of huge train crash a few days ago, and I have not heard from her, so I hope she is okay too.

Okay, I guess I will hear from them at some point in time. In the meanwhile I am trying to settle the billion logistics for the wedding in France. If anyone knows of an interesting way to present chopsticks (they are our wedding favours here) please drop a comment on this blog. Otherwise I leave you with the theme idea which we decided on for the dinner.

We decided to name the tables after places which have some significance to Fabien and me. So for example, we have "Bali" and "Turin" which we enjoy together, and "India" and "France" which are very special to Fabien, and "Nottingham" and "Taiwan" which are special to me. Then we put photo albums and postcard on those tables (but no flags because they are cheesy) and we give the guests clues to find out which table they are on. Does anyone have suggestions on what other little things we can put on these tables? my idea is to have soft toys in costumes, like a plush baby elephant for India, a pig in a poncho for Mexico, a Panda for China and so on.. But what animal is suitable for France??


Nitch said...

Why.....a cow of course for the land of 365 types of cheeses!!

After my trip to France in 2001, my friends were so struck by how I went on and on about how many cows and sheep I saw grazing. In fact, you might like to know that Singapore has adopted some practice like that to add colour to her scenery...I have been seeing placards of cows (in luminous colours) stuck into the ground of blank patches of land..

kiddo said...

Or you could consider having the same stuff toys dressed in costumes tho that would be easier - like a cow / panda in a turban for India, with a poncho for Mexico, with a french b for France, in a hawaii grass skirt for hawaii ...

Chopsticks ... eh, what about wrapping with ribbons from the bottom up and some local flowers near the exposed end? This is so each wedding favour looks like a mini boquet of flowers with the chopsticks like some kind of decoration piece? You could have them placed in a glass bowl 3/4 filled with marbles and place the whole thing in the middle of the table so it's both the decoration piece as well as the wedding favours?

BTW, there was just a wedding between old friends in our pupillage firm - big thing, loads of old friends about etc. etc. and it's funny coz a lot of them I had just bumped into at your dinner on Sentosa.

kiddo said...

PS: I think the train crash is nearer Kobe than it is to Osaka -