Monday, March 14, 2005

Last day of Work

Today is my last day of work. It's strange because since I started working I've had at least 3 last days of work. I think the hardest was leaving my first firm, because all my friends were still there. Some of the fondest memories were passing Jeff on my way into work at some ungodly hour (such as 5 am) just as he is leaving. It is literally the night shift passing the day shift.

Tju Liang phoned to tell me that he reads this blog (*wave*) I told him it was a great deal easier to just put everything online rather than send multiple emails essentially carrying the same "stay in touch" message. But actually that is not all. Partly due to the last vestiges of the lawyer habits that I have left behind, I need to keep a contemparaneous record of what is happening. Sometimes stuff happens so fast you want to be able to think about it later. I am pretty sure that the changes that are about to happen in the next few months of my life together with Fabien, are going to happen with such speed that, apart from merely reporting their occurence, I want to be able to savour the moment and perhaps reflect on it at a later time - now that I actually have time for such reflection.

I think to a certain extent Karen's death does remind us that life is both precarious and precious, and it matters not the length of your life but its richness and intensity. Even trivial things like sitting at Balaclava having drinks with friends, bitching about random things which you've moaned about 100 times before, and celebrating your 3rd last day of work, carries a certain freshness when you know that you are alive, have friends and are deeply in love, and that any one of these things in itself is a rare priviledge, but to have them simultaneously you are truly blessed.

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