Thursday, March 03, 2005

I had a quick google on what to eat in Turin, and this is what I found:

Torinese cuisine shows strong French influences, especially evident in the winter dish of bagna caoda . Fungi and game in autumn, and truffles used as flavouring, are also classics. Agnolotti and cappelletti are the best-known dishes, followed by meat buji (boiled) or braised in wine. Cheeses to look out for are tomini , robiole and tume. The sweets, too, are marvellous, many of them invented in the Savoy kitchens to tempt the royal palates: among the decadent delights are spumone piemontese , a mousse of mascarpone cheese with rum; panna cotta , smooth, rich cooked cream.

Turin is also credited as the home of zabaglione , used to fill bignole - iced choux pastries. Spanish friar San Pasquale Bayon, a gifted cook and parish priest of the city's church of San Tommaso in the sixteenth century, is said to have invented the egg yolk, sugar and Marsala mixture.

Looks like I am not about to starve, but I seriously wonder whether this will do any good for the diet. My girl friends better come for the french wedding to zip me into my bodice-hugging wedding dress! I fear I am in danger of having my cup runneth over...

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