Tuesday, March 15, 2005

So busy so happy

It's strange how happy and yet stresed I feel at the prospect of leaving Singapore.

I am happy because it is the start of a brand new adventure with Fab - we didn't quite get prancing horses, but we're still riding off into the sunset.

I am stressed because of the inter-continental move, about giving up any resemblance of a career and going back into student-hood, about not being able to communicate in Italy (but I speak "hand") oh yeah - and there is the packing.

Stuff to do:
1) Bring Samsonite to Taka to repair wheel
2) buy another big suitcase
3) decide what I will need for a month in Italy?
4) Decide how to organise the moving -- the Boxes still have not come yet?!!
5) our leaving drinks/ dinner/ meeting up with various individuals
6) the spa, yoga, massage and whatever sessions I need to use up
7) Settle income tax and other boring financial things better left to people who can count
8) change of address to Citi-legal (thanks Auntie Anne for dealing with our mail through your office)

Yerks I need to get a move on that list, and try not to bite Fab's head off. I have an awful habit (human I suppose) I tend to be incredibly grumpy at the people closest to me. It's really unfair to take it out on them. I've resolved to stop doing it insasmuch as possible.

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