Thursday, March 03, 2005

Do I look fat in that photo?

I used to really like the photo that Fabien has put up in his post below. But now I am not sure - do I look fat in that photo?

I wonder why all women have body issues. It is far too simple to just blame it on advertising. Why is it all designers make clothes for skinny people is just one of those often repeated and never answered questions.

Fabien loves me the way I am in whatever clothes I am in (actually preferably without!). Why does that make me not feel secure about not being skinny? I guess it is because you want to look "nice" as defined by the mass media because you don't want to stand out from the crowd, or if you do then only in a positive way (i.e. admiration rather than horror). Does that mean that I have no faith in Fabien's love? On the contrary no, but for my own self esteem I think it is important that even if I don't look like a supermodel at least I look "normal" - or whatever passes for it these days.

Mood - contemplative


zzzz... said...

1. You don't look fat in that photo.
2. Designers make clothes for skinny AND boobsy people. Most of us are one or the other, but hardly ever both. So stop griping about not being skinny or I'll be compelled to start a blog of my own to complain about not being boobsy.
3. You do stand out in a positive way. Sometimes, you over-floweth. Heh heh.
4. If your husband doesn't mind the way you look, that's good enough. (At least you have a husband... Now, that's another reason for me to start a blog of my own!)
5. After looking through the preview, I realise that there's a problem with the clock. It's now 4.55p.m., not 12.55am.

S* said...

Thank you for the attempt at reassurance - but your threats to start a blog about not beeing boobsy merely goes back to the original question about why all women seem to have body issues (unless of course you are a man wishing to be boobsy or have boobsy in a different sort of way...)

oh yeah - I have fixed the clock (i think) but hey -- I can't count anyway so I wouldn't know!

Noodle said...

Of course you don't look fat. I think most men's ideal shape for a woman is fuller than most women think. For what it's worth, I think slim and curvey women can look beautiful - neither is better, they are just different.