Friday, March 25, 2005

Family Reunions and Wildlife Programs

I just had dinner with my paternal relatives. Picked up Grandparents with food to feed 500 and went to Auntie Susan's place. Saw cousins, especially their offspring whom I have not met before. I carried Trinity on my lap for a decent length of time, and was pretty relieved that she didn't cry or fuss but just sat to drool and babble and whatever it is babies do. It's pleasant enough - can people out there please have more kids like that? Anyways, Trinity is a really cool name for the progeny of really cool parents. My grandpa is getting old, and it makes me a little sad because he is having difficulty hearing so he kinda withdraws into his own world. My grandfather is hip enough to email, so hopefully we will still keep in touch in Italy.

Quick straw poll question - Do you cry when watching wildlife programs? I was watching Animal Planet and saw this little lost polar bear in the arctic circle making these "mummy mummy where are you?" kind of noises. The camera kind of pans across this white expanse, and you see this little baby bear approaching another mummy and cub, who promptly chases him away (no adoption there). Snow keeps falling and the little bear keeps making these heart-breaking noises. I have to admit I cried. Maybe it's relief that the stress of packing is over. Or that I just have this sentimental thing for bears.


partyprincess said...

nope dont cry when watching wild life progs maybe cause i don't watch them!!trinity is a cool name and hey, ur inbox will be flooded by the time u get to italy, mail from grampa included:)

Nitch said...

Maybe what you saw happening to the bear reminded you that we are all alone and have to fend for ourselves. Though that may not necessarily be true for everyone, it could seem like a daunting fact or possibility when you are tired :-). And perhaps you were super emphatic yesterday.

Anyways, back to your question, I generally do not cry when watching wildlife programmes.