Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Mafia Themed Leaving Party!

Yes (*thought trickles into small brain*) I am actually leaving singapore It is a pretty scary thought because there are a zillion things I have not done yet. Like send out the proper invitations to our Mafia Party. Yep - seeing how we are going to Italy, it somehow sounds appropriate.

We will be leaving Singapore on 28 March 2005 on the late night flight - in all probability the 2300h Air France to Paris and then change to Turin in Paris.

My last day at work is 15 March. Then I will be running round like a headless chicken for a bit what with visas and other paperwork - which I detest. My friend Caroline (and Lucy the dog) are in LA doing the visa treadmill right now -Caroline that is, not the dog. So at least I have one (maybe two) friends to hold my hand by internet and whine and wonder why visas are such a major pain in the ass.

Our Mafia themed Leaving Party is on 19 March 05 at 31 Tomlinson Road, #08-37, Singapore 247855, failure to show up in suitable Godfather/Sopranos-inspired costume will result in downing shots to gain entry. Need costume inspiration? Check out Elina and Ollie's Mafia Investigation Party.

The rules of the Mafia game (it's a variant of the game Werewolf) are explained here

If you could read up on the rules before coming - that would be great, because we are introducing a variant on the variant!

If you are not into dressing up, we will be having our last champagne brunch at the Ritz Carlton on Sunday 27 March -please feel free to (*hic) join us for a last glass of bubbly before we exist only online.

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