Friday, February 02, 2007

Teething difficulties

We have just moved into our new appartment on Park Avenue. We didn't take Appartment 18C but one level upwards - Appartment 19F.

When we moved in, the ADSL line didn't work, and after jumping up and down the whole day I now have ADSL but the wifi still doesn't work. I also didn't have heating or hot water, but that was resolved in the first couple of hours. Only half my furniture has arrived with the other half coming on 8 Feb?! I now need bed linen, towels and other miscellaneous household stuff, but since we are not going to stay here that long, I think I will just get cheapie IKEA ones.

At least I found a cleaning lady (they are called the "aiyi") though Sophie doesn't seem to like her too much. Sophie generally doesn't like people smothering her with too much affection. If you want her to study you with endless fascination, the best policy is to ignore her. Trying to do stuff for her will just piss off, as my independent minded kid just wants to do everything by herself. This is just in complete opposite to the way I've seen aiyis treat their employer's children. I guess either Sophie or the aiyi will have to change their view... At least she will help toilet train. I leave Sophie out of diapers most of the day, and the aiyi will clean the floor each time an accident happens!

Our new phone number is:
+86 10 6530 6196

Oh yes - despite all the mess surrounding our moving in, I accepted the job. Just call me a sucker for punishment...

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