Sunday, February 04, 2007

Weekend madness

Whichever part of the world you go to, you will find that all its inhabitants go to IKEA on the weekend. I absolutely needed sheets, so I had no choice but to go there on Saturday. But it was sheer madness. I hate the crowds, and people shoving me. Sophie didn't like people coming up to her and petting and pinching her cheeks saying "oooh... Mixed children are so cute!!"

To which the only appropriate response really should be "so why don't you go get yourself knocked up by the next available white guy and then you can have one yourself?" It was on the tip of my toungue, but I was (sigh) *oh so good*, and answered the "how old is she, where is her father from, what color are her eyes?" kind of questions through gritted teeth for the most part of Saturday afternoon. At least they would have the decency to stop cutting in front of me at the lift. Anyway for the record, her eyes are still green (see photo).

Fortunately we had Sunday to recover from the IKEA madness. We went to the Regent hotel for brunch, and met some great new friends (lotsa volunteer babysitters!) who enjoyed passing her from lap to lap.


Sprog Mamma said...

I get the same thing here, mixed kids are so cute. We will always have our private mixed kids joke,, remember, the mixed kid from Puglia and Torino. Still laughing my butt off! ha ha

sky said...

why does sophie look like she's bent on 'disrobing' her male nanny? ;P