Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Mum arrives today!

My mom arrives today. Boy will I be glad that somebody is coming to give me a hand with the furniture and stuff. It is not a moment too soon because (apparently) our delayed shipment is coming in this week. We shall see...

Fabien's really worried that he's not going to see Sophie's first steps and has asked me to tie her up untill he gets back to Beijing!

Everytime I complain to him that I am a "single parent", he reminds me that it could worse. If I was really a single parent, I would have to do all the things I am doing now and still bring home the bacon. That's a sobering thought. But hang on, if I were really a single parent, I wouldn't be in China, and I wouldn't have to worry about the many petty little annoyances that moving house entails. And I am actually working, although the household finances run fine without any of my freelance projects.

Anyway, someone to give me a general hand here is great. Thank you Mum!

Oh yes - whilst I am thanking people, Thanks to all my friends for offering Excel support! I am gritting my teeth and telling myself that it is painful on the learning curve but hey - I gave birth to Sophie without an epidural, I can handle a little pain...

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Dos Centavos said...

poor sophie should indeed be tied down for the time being! :-)