Thursday, February 22, 2007

It takes a village

It has been wonderful staying with Darcie and Joel. I am sooo happy that I know them. At the risk of sounding all warm and fuzzy I am just awed by how open and friendly my friends are. It makes me miss Fabien a bit though.

Anyway Ella (their daughter) is so amused by Sophie, and she's given me the beautiful experience of reading stories on a rocker with a sweet little toddler on my lap. If you are having a bad day, I completely recommend this activity.

In between Darcie has been helping to watch Sophie whilst I do admin (I never knew how difficult it was to get Singapore citizenship for a kid born overseas, if anyone wants to know email me), and I am now convinced that the ideal ratio is 2 children to 3 adults. If Fab wants more kids he will have to find a mistress to take home!

We have also been seeing lots of my relatives on my Dad's side. I feel slightly guilty because I have been promising Sophie (since forever) that we would go swimming in Singapore, but we still have not done it yet (for various reasons).

Anyway, I shall preservere!


Laetitia's mummy said...

I'm just about to receive the citizenship for Lae end of the month. I think the people at embassy offices are much more helpful and kind though. Sending me emails with jpg of required documents that I missed out to be signed and mailed back to them etc.

Good luck with getting Sophie's citizenship.

Ex Night Queen said...

Well, hang on till Saturday then you can pour out your blues to us. Sophie must be pretty excited to be meeting me soon...