Saturday, February 17, 2007

Call me!!

We are in Singapore. I forgot how hot and humid it is! We are hiding indoors untill Sophie adjusts(and Sharon too). So unless we are seeing my family or doing administrative nonsense, we will be at home in Siglap most of the time. I am staying with my friends because they have a little girl 9 months older than Sophie, and it is just so convenient to use all their stuff that their baby has outgrown.

Sophie gets very tired in the heat so we spend lots of time at home whilst she sleeps. But I am happy to meet people, so please come over for coffee - my friends Darcie and Joel are totally cool with it.

Call me or mail me and I will tell you where exactly are we.

My number is: 94275436


mini said...

hey gal ! it's cny ain't it? gong xi fa cai !!!!!!!!! :) ... and I am jealous and wish i were in SG too. though the heat doesn't sound so appealing

Laetitia's mummy said...

Enjoy being in sg, you lucky girls.

I wish I'm back there to meet you for coffee!!!

zzz... said...

Hey! That number doesn't work!

(either that or my phone's been acting up again.)

Anyway, have tried to call you to tell you that i knocked off work too late today to pop by and visit. :( Sigh... don't go back to work lah. It's a life&soul-sapping experience... ;)