Sunday, February 04, 2007

Potty Strike!

Sophie is on a potty strike. I am sooo tired cleaning up poop and pee from the floor and my clothes and her clothes (the aiyi gets Sunday off) that I just caved in and put her back in disposables. My bad..

Apparently this is common when babies start learning to walk because they become even more independent (read:bloody-minded).

I really don't have time to deal with this right now. Life as a single parent is periods of waiting around interspersed with periods of mad stress. Right now am trying to deal with the project that I signed up for (am I crazy or what?)... sigh... I realise my Excel skills (never very hot in the first place) are really rusty, and I spend all the time on the Excel help page. ARRGHH how do you change the entered values into a graph/bar chart?


mini said...

i'm sure it gets better and some day you'll look back on it and laugh :)

not an excel whiz either but doesn't changing the value in the spreadsheet change the chart too?

~e~ said...

if you haven't yet done it - go to "insert", select "chart". should bring you to the Chart wizard where you can choose which kinda chart (Bar/graph/pie...) and then next you get to select the values (by clicking the cells containing the info you need)in your spread sheet that you wanna put into the X-axis and Y-axis of the chart.

sky said...

i can help with Excel - just send the file to blurryburger[at]yahoo[dot]com. alternative to e's comments, there should be a bar-chart icon in your toolbar, click on that and the wizard pops out.

Sprog Mamma said...

i just started my excel expense spreadsheets in order to keep better tabs on our finances and i must say it is a challange. I can add and that is about it.