Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Why we call her "boo boo"

Remember Boo from Monsters Inc?

We think Sophie looks a little like that - What do you reckon?

Jean Nie commented that the photos of Sophie look great - is she always such an easy subject? And the answer is - Nope! You have to be a combination of lucky and trigger happy... for example, I was trying to get a photo of her and Mila (our cleaning lady who adores her). As long as she is reasonably well rested, she's a happy camper. The only problem with that is that she won't keep still for long enough for a photo.

See what I mean? Took 3 shots to get here...

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Anonymous said...

Oh how cute! I like that movie, although I've seen it so many times now I'm getting kinda tired of it. She is such a cutie!