Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Crazy Planner at Work again

I have been silent as regards the details of our China move because there just has been too many variables to do any real planning. As the dates rapidly approach, I thought I'd better announce a quick heads-up of the current tentative schedule as follows (all usual disclaimers apply):

  1. Next Friday, 25 November - Probable driving practical exam (uncertain due to an ongoing driving examiner's strike). Whatever happens, I have to pass it the first time because there is no chance to retake it (I can't schedule a re-test in).

  2. We probably fly to Beijing on 3 December for a house hunting trip. I will try to meet up with my parents there (Mom - you can confirm your tickets now!). Fabien remains in Beijing for the next 2 weeks.

  3. 12 December Sharon and Sophie try to be in France. Exact location unknown. The idea is to try to meet up with friends from the "Northern parts" (e.g. Joan in London, Sandra in Paris). Christabel - if you can be here from Milan that would be great, but if not, I will see you in either Beijing or Osaka...

  4. 17 December come back to Torino to ship our stuff either in a container to France or in the 300 kgs airmail to China, and move into a serviced appartment when we are done. Tearful goodbye to all my wonderful and fantastic friends in Turin Be strong ! Deep Breath! It will be soooo hard.... (*sigh*)

  5. 22 December be in Lille for BIG family reunion (50 people!), then Christmas with nuclear family. 26 December in Belgium with Fab's cousin Matthieu, 31 Dec in Lille with Fab's friends.

  6. 1 Jan 2007 - we take the plane to Beijing, and Fabien goes to work in Beijing from 2 Jan.


I feel tired just thinking about it all. It is so hard to take it all in.
All this moving around is simultaneously exhausting and energizing.

I try to take comfort from the fact that this is part of our Awfully Big Adventure that Fabien and me agreed on so long ago as our Life Plan (yeah - we talked about all that as part of Marriage Preparation!)... As Hannibal - remember him? says "I love it when the plan comes together"

Keep reading for more updates. and kisses always.


yh said...

gosh... sure sounds like a hectic couple of months! Sophie will sure get to experience a lot of the world! :)

Gia-Gina said...

I sm so sad about this. I feel like with both babies to take care of, we do not have any "girl time" anymore. At least we will see you this w-e for dinner.