Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Photos from Veronica's party

I am so late, and this is last week's news, but in my defense, I was studying!

Everyone else has put up these photos but me, so I tried to put up photos which i haven't seen yet on Gina's or Peter's site.

We were trying to get a photo of Sophie and Zubin "devouring" the books. But those didn't turn out too good. But (Gina will like this) I did get Sophie biting into the appropriately titled "mangia mangia" board book.

We did get more photos but they aren't great. I think I am out-growing my idiot-proof camera, and want something with a bit more controls to play with so I can take better photos. Or I can finally learn how to photoshop, since Peter has kindly offered to show me one of these days. Also we didn't take that many photos because we were busy attacking (with both hands) the absolutely delicious goodies that everyone brought.


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