Tuesday, November 14, 2006

i jinxed it

It is official - talking/blogging about something jinxes it!

I was just announcing proudly that Sophie was signaling to go to the bathroom and today she STOPPED doing it. And is back to pooping and peeing in her diaper.

Ditto for that sleeping through the night thing. The moment I blogged about it, she decided to start waking up again. At bloody 3 am. Just to let us know who is in charge.


i wonder if it has something to do with all that spinach we've been feeding her (the little popeye seems to like it) ? Seems like she's having trouble digesting or something.

Anyone with any useful ideas please don't hesistate to suggest it.


struggling counsel said...

One of your entries talks about working long hours and going without much sleep. That is still my life. I had NS last week. So grateful for it because I've not taken any real personal leave of my own this year. NS reminded me of my friends, and I realise a note to you was long overdue. Congrats on Sophie! When I received the card, I showed it off to my family and colleauges and they loved it. Did you do the sketch yourself?

Your blog is a great way for others to catch up with you. If I had a blog, it would be dismal - all the entries would be the same: work, sleep, eat, work, eat, sleep. Tell you more another time.

S* said...

arrrgghhh - struggling counsel - who are you? I am sure you're one of my pals but i can't acess your profile cos you didn't enable it ?!!

Gia-Gina said...

Maybe she sense a change coming on and the stress of it all and is just reverting back for a few weeks. Take heart, she should be back to her signing self in no time.