Monday, November 13, 2006

Mr. Mom for the weekend

This weekend I left Fabien with Sophie for 6 hours to go to Serravalle . It was liberating but I actually strangely missed them both after a while. Fabien got to play house-husband, taking care of the baby, doing the grocery shopping and making dinner before I got back.

He very proudly announced when I got into the door that she had signed to him for "milk", and he also had managed to get her to poop in the sink. Feels great that the baby-signing and infant pottying seems to be working out pretty well.

It was a bit wierd because most weekends are spent en famille doing stuff like walking in the park and looking at animals:

Sophie likes dogs. Alot. She probably thinks that a donkey is just a larger version of a dog. We haven't been able to sign "dog" yet, because I can never remember the ASL version of it, and I haven't figured out a good substitute sign.


Anonymous said...

Argh! I want to go to Serravalle!!! Why didn't we go together and leave both babies with their dads? Anyway, we are still in Lucca and will return to Turin tomorrow night; hope to see you soon! xo Shilpa

Anonymous said...

ASL for dog? I think it's some hand gesture where it looks like u are rubbing your finger tips together to ask for cash!!! haha supposed to be rubbing the finger tips to entice the dog to come to you to take the goodies. but dun take my word for it... it's been a long time since I learnt ASL too... never got to teach my 2year old son to sign... now the problem is to how shut him up.. hehe Why not check the internet?

mini said...

darn I want to go to serravalle too! what was your haul? oh and the donkey is rather silly looking

S* said...

Shilpa - call or mail me when you get back in, and we can fix up lunch with Peter and Gina too.

Actually Karen, I do know the ASL sign for Dog, but I want to modify it because I think it's not an "obvious" sign, and the snapping fingers is impossible for a baby (hey I even know adults who can't snap their fingers!)

Mini - you have been sooo lost in B-school action! What did you get at the NYC babyshower in the end? Yep methinks the donkey looks like an ass (hahhaha)..

mini said...

it's true i can't snap my fingers *blush* ... and don't even talk to me about school. but on the bright side I still have time to catch up with blogs :)