Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Schedule (reloaded)

I am a headless chook these days. There seems to be a million things to do and I really should get on with doing it instead of just talking about it here. Anyway, this is the Schedule for the moment. It is not that much different from the last week's post, except my LAST DAY in Torino is 3 December instead of 21 December. The laundry list is:

  1. Driving Exam on 29 Nov. The strike in Turin is still on, so I have to go to take the test in another town near the Motorizezione which I have never been to with completely unfamiliar roads - just because I like a challenge you know...

  2. Beijing is confirmed on 3 December for a week long house hunting trip. My last day in Turin is 2 Dec. I am trying to meet with everyone before I leave, so please email me to slot lunch/ coffee/ dinner in between my driving classes.

  3. 12 December Sharon and Sophie arrive in France. Stay 2 days at Sandra and Etienne's place. Then to Treuzy Levallay for a few days with Fab's family.

  4. 17 December Fabien will fly back to Turin to ship our stuff either in a container to France or in the 300 kg worth of airmail to China.

  5. 22 December be in Lille for BIG family reunion (50 people!), then Christmas with nuclear family. 26 December in Belgium with Fab's cousin Matthieu, 31 Dec in Lille with Fab's friends.

  6. 1 Jan 2007 - we take the plane to Beijing, and Fabien goes to work in Beijing from 2 Jan.


In other news, the upside of meeting lots of new people (even if just for the moment) is that you will stay in touch one way or another. This blog for instance lets people peek into my chaotic world just long enough for you to step back and go "whew I'm glad I aint there!" .

I am optimistic enough to believe that you don't really ever lose the friends you've already made, and you just need to juggle stuff around so as to see each other again. Albeit later.

So Amanda if you are reading this: I _am_ taking you up on your offer to stay at your house in Nepal. Even if it is not constructed yet.

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mini said...

crazy times!!! but at least it sounds exciting :)