Monday, November 27, 2006

Stuff that keeps me up at night

My goodness.

I had no idea that you needed to pay about 4000 euros a semester for 2 hours a day of playschool for a 12 month old child. A quick online search reveals the varied wonders of a comprehensive Montessori school.

A high teacher- child ratio, small class size, airy and bright classrooms, swimming pool on the grounds, lovely gardens and sandboxes, pediatrican on call. The philosophy that very young children teach themselves, so there is no structured time table and your child chooses his or her own activity.

After hours extras like ... Ballet class! Ice Skating lessons! Music/ Art appreciation!

All for kids about 12 months old!

ARRRGGH somebody shoot me now.

The part that kills me and keeps me up at night is that I wonder whether any of this is necessary. And if it is not necessary, why do I am I too scared to say "this is just too friging expensive and Sophie doesn't need it". That irrational parental guilt factor is just crap.


mini said...

let's hope you won't have to write a preschool resume for sophie one day...

rhys said...


That's exorbitant! 4000 euros for letting 12 month olds choose their own activities?! I could run a school like that too!