Tuesday, November 14, 2006


This shopping thing is growing on me.

My friend Elaine thinks I shop in a testosterone charged manner. Basically I have a mental list of what I want to get, then I look at a store directory and pick out the stores which are most likely to have what I want and just go and look for targeted objects. Either they have it within the budget (and so I buy it) or they don't (so I leave). It's a simple decision tree, which leaves no room for this "browsing" nonsense (a euphemism for time-wasting in my book).

Serravalle may have come close to converting me. Close, but no cigar, simply because we are moving to China, and we only get 300 kg air freight.

Anyway for the serious shopping news (because Mini asked!) ...

I met Peter at the Bodum shop - they have great kitchen toys! I also liked the Furla (bought a document bag and a handbag - about 100 euros each) and Petite Bateau (bought 30 euros of miscellaneous winter wear for Sophie). I saw a dress at Roberto Cavalli that was nice (110 euro at half price) , and got a pair of trainers at the Nike store (a 130 euro pair at half price). Almost got some champagne flutes at Villeroy and Boch (29 euro) , and some pretty flats at Ferragamo (200 euro) - but they didn't fit (sigh). Then that 300kg limit was bugging me.

There's a Toys R Us too, but I was running out of time. I couldn't be bothered to stand in line for Prada, where the discounts are supposed to be so good that they need to limit the number of people in the store.

Peter - What did you get?


Peter said...

well .. let's see ... we got a pair of pants at petite bateau for 10EU ... we actually DID buy a 6set of wine glasses at Villeroy&B for the afformentioned 29EU ... what you think was Toys R Us is actually Toys Center ... a cheap ripp off .. they have the same at Lingotto ... we got a mini magnadoodle for Julius for 5EU ... at CK we got a men's PJ top For Ritsu at 3EU (down from 40), what a bargain .. and my main loot that day was a cast iron grill pan from Bodum :)

mini said...

i've seen petite bateau here! i like that they run small...u see i'm used to american sized babies.

hey were you looking for a dress? elaine will agree wtih me that you're falling down that slippery slope of browsing. *GASP* :)

ps. i applied for a trip to china this spring. hope i get it!

Liyi said...

You're definitely learning how to be a shopper...it was not the amount of money that could potentially have been spent on your purchases, but the baggage limit that held you back!