Thursday, April 24, 2008


I think Fabien gets a real kick (pun intended) from feeling the movement of our kid when he places his hand on my belly. I have been feeling fetal movements for the past couple of weeks but my husband couldn't untill recently.

The 2 year age gap is great, because on the one hand, it is recent enough for me to remember clearly being pregnant with Sophie and I still (roughly) remember how to baby-sign, and I have my birth ball and all the other paraphernalia. On the other hand, Sophie is growing up from a tiny baby into an independent little girl. She eats regular foods, and is sleep/toilet trained etc so at least when our second I will only need to diaper/sleep-train one infant. At least that is the theory, because so many books tell me to expect some kind of "regression" when the new baby gets here.

Celine and Sophie are getting along so well, I really wish we had more younger relatives hanging around us in Beiing. Sophie adores her "tata Cece", and it is a shame my own brother lives so far away. I guess this blog fulfils a useful function in letting my family know what's been going on in our end of the world.

I sometimes wonder if I want to make this my private soapbox for other issues which I am passionate about. But I think it is more important to keep this blog quite focused on the minutiae of my family life. Blogging about work can get you dooc-ed, and getting making political statements just invites trolls. But given my friends and family so spread out across the world, it just makes more sense to put up photos and keep the tone light and chatty - hein?

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rene said...

Sophie is such a great kid I am sure she will be a great big sister! It's great she is toilet trained too. Lucas is no.2 trained in the toilet department, but I am still wondering how to start on the pee-part..