Monday, April 28, 2008


We went to Xi'an this weekend with Celine and had a great stay at the Shangri-la hotel. Checked out the Hua Qing hot springs, where the Xi'an incident took place.

The highlight of the trip was of course the terracotta warriors and they are mighty impressive indeed. We found a driver there who could take us around the sights. Xi'an is a really dusty city and when you have as many allergies as I do, having a car with sealed windows makes the difference between an 'okay' holiday and a brilliant one.

Apart from exploring parts of Northern China (albeit in 5 star hotels), Sophie is becoming a regular "surfer chick". All around the 3 pits in Xi'an she learnt that if she places both feet flat and has mom and dad hold her hands, she can drag herself all over the floor on any smooth surface. I haven't figured out how to upload the video I have of her doing it, but it is hiliarious.

The other thing she learned over the weekend is to do her own translations! Since her dad and Celine speak to her only in French and her mom in English she has started to hyphenate her requests to ensure maximum audience comprehension. Thus, she has started saying "encore-more cookies?" when she wants more cookies (which is the same word in english and french)and "pas dodo - no sleeping!" when she wants to keep playing. Just to make sure we REALLY understand what she wants.

Unfortunately, as with her early experiences in baby-signing, she has learnt (and will continue to!) that just because she can tell us what she wants doesn't mean she will always get it. Still, it is really cute to see how she tries every trick in the book in matters of persuasion. Another favourite heart-melting thing she does is to cuddle up to me and sing the extended version of "世上只有妈妈好". At times like that I have to tell myself must R.E.S.I.S.T incredibly cute kid!!

Well Merci- Thank you for being my kiddo. You give me such a kick.

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