Thursday, April 03, 2008

Do you speak Baby-talk?

Sophie's Chinese is clearly her first language. Thanks to both nannies having been educated in the Montessori at home tradition, she has a precise vocabulary. For example, she will say (in Mandarin) "look Mummy - I have paint on my forefinger and thumb, can we please clean it in the bathroom?"

My parents have been taking pains to speak to her only in English so that her English can catch up. Still she surprises them by pointing at CNN and saying "Barack Obama" and "Hilary". I got fed up of Good Night Moon on the plane here, and started reading her Time magazine and playing Super Mario Bros. Singapore Airlines has definitely a great in-flight entertainment system as it can keep my active toddler from squirming for a 6 hour flight.

Still, she is getting quite heavy, and I am almost happy that she will be 2 soon and we have to buy her a seat on the plane. I am fed up of having a lap-child that weighs like a small mammoth.

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Sprog Mamma said...

sophie cannot be heavier than vero who is 18 months today and weighs 30 pounds, she is on to the #5 diaper now. we had to get her a seat on the flight over to guam since the baby needed to be held on our laps. it was not fun. seattle to honolulu-7 hours and honolulu to guam-6 hours.