Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Feeling curvy and groovy

Our second baby is coming in September 2008, and I am feeling very large, but that's not stopping me from work, life and general fun.

This last work-trip in Singapore was really pleasant, and we will be back in Singapore for one last hurrah in June, en-route to Bali for my friend Sohni's wedding. It will be near the last week I am allowed to fly.

I had to make some tough choices this year because I got 8 (yep- count them!) wedding invitations, and there is absolutely no way I can go to all of them. So I went to Joelle's in Singapore in March and I will go to Sohni's in Bali in June (assuming the doc gives me the all-clear) and then maybe I will try to go to E Way's in November in Hong Kong (depending on how I feel post-partum). The decisions were based partly on how well I know these friends as well as just plain ol'timing. I think I have healthy sense of adventure, and I try to keep myself reasonably fit, but there is just a dose of realism needed to think on the extent of social engagement that I can handle now. As Dr Seuss said Just Be Yourself - those who matter don't mind, and those who do mind, don't matter.

I did some maternity shopping in Singapore and now I have nice clothes to wear that flaunt my belly - yay! It is the one time that looking 75 kgs (that's what I was with Sophie at the end) actually is pretty sexy.


Fioleta said...

I love your attitude and enjoyment of your pregnancy :-)

rene said...

Hot momma! That's fantastic that you are enjoying every moment of your pregnancy!

sohcool said...

Oh, I am waiting to see some sexy photos. ;)