Saturday, April 12, 2008

Curvy Photos from Easter

Well Ash - the photos you requested. These are from our Easter Sunday. You can see from the angle that balloon was tilting, that the weather was a little windy but lovely and sunny.

In this photo I am about 14 or 15 weeks pregnant and proudly showing.

I actually not that much larger now, but am loving my bump. I find myself unconsciously stroking it and feeling the little flip and gurgle of the squirmy one inside. Our 20 week appointment is coming up soon, and we will not find out the sex of our child, but we will be happy and reassured to know that s/he is growing healthily and happily.


Fioleta said...

:-) Thank you, thank you for posting them. I didn't feel comfortable to ask, but photos of happily pregnant women make me smile and feel all happy-fuzzy inside. :-)

mini said...

cute bump...u're lookin great!:)

sohcool said...

You look great. Thanks for posting these lovely photos.

Satisfied Ash.

ps: i can't imagine how you managed to go horse riding with the bump. Bravo!