Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Short Little Trip

I went to Hong Kong from Sunday night to Tuesday night for (mostly!) work, managed to do a spot of very effecient shopping at Marks for essential items like ricotta and spinach sauces, knickers and socks.

Charlotte was really interested in the "tag team" parenting system that I have with Fabien. It is pretty sumple - we both try our level best to arrange our travelling schedules such that Sophie will at least have 1 parent at home with her. Fabien had a beautiful bonding weekend with her whilst I was away. They went to the park and went shopping together. He thinks I should go away more often so he can have his daughter all to himself. Except the toilet training part (that one he's quite happy to share!)

Some Beijing Airport notes (in case you decide to come to visit)

1) Opening Hours at the money changer at the airport is 9:30am to 4pm so try to fly within these times if you need to change mulah

2) They are VERY strict on the "no liquids" policy I had to throw out my face-wash and buy a new one in HK

3) The breast pump in the hand luggage sometimes needs to be identified (I'd like Sophie to decide for herself when she'd like to stop, though at the end of this year I would start persuading her gently if she's still addicted to my boob)

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