Monday, May 14, 2007

New Beginings

I am so tired. Today was my first day of work.

I think I forgot how tough it was to concentrate on reading an entire complicated transaction with multiple parties and issues. But I am glad to back on track with my job. Deep down inside, I actually do like this stuff... call me a sucker for punishment. This office is start-up, and we are the first batch of Beijing Office hires, so there should be no issues. We will have to go door-to-door to sell our snake oil though!

The one thing I hate is that my feet hurt. I have multiple blisters. Damn these shoes are not broken in, and I haven't worn heels for over a year.

I haven't decided on the future of this blog yet. Stay tuned. I will figure out one way or another.


mini said...

s* happy first day of work!!!

ps. i read about this new bandaid product that they should sell in asia too. it's this gel substance that goes on your feet to prevent friction and blisters! :)go look for it! i need some too ....

and keep the blog. it's easier than writing multiple emails to friend!

Anonymous said...

do you need a doctor ? How are you doing, Miss Blackberry - glad to hear that you liked it somehow ! If you need coffee, let me know :-)

Fioleta said...

Congratulations on getting a job. Must be difficult to be back in the office after such a long break. So good luck with the office shoes and the office.

And please keep on blogging.