Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I found CRAYOLA!!

I found crayola washable markers. They just delivered to my office. Sophie can add "coloring" to her daytime activity schedule now!


mini said...

crayolas fun! want anything from the states? I'll be leaving soooon :)

jeannie said...

Good choice. Cos I just found some crayons and washable paints (finally) at Robinsons today. I'm glad I put the markers back on the shelf even though they had a really cute name like pip sqeeks or something like that. Was in town today to view some potential event venues and popped in for quick spot of shopping. It's the GSS (Great Singapore Sale). Ended up with 2 bags of Crayolas (for your princess and mine/her cousins) and 1 of essential clothes for HIM. Couldn't find anything for myself; it's so much easier to shop for others.