Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Mom at Work

I like my office so far. It's early days yet, but I am really enjoying what I do and I like my boss.

Sophie really has adjusted very well to me leaving her at home. As Lisa says, after a while you come back and feel almost disappointed .. like "what? you don't miss me?!" Sophie has quite a fixed routine, and I am reasonably happy that the aiyis are keeping to it. Friends dropping in on my home unexpectedly (thank you Julia and Lisa) are a kind of "nanny police", and random phone calls and spot-checks by the Control Freak Mom at Work is all very useful in keeping me reasurred about the princess's wellbeing.

Overall, it is busy but since I know Sophie sleeps so early every night, I am in no real hurry to leave the office (the afternon shift aiyi stays till 9pm) and I can squeeze in my once-a-week bikram class. It does mean that I fully spend only the weekends in her delightful company, and the hour or so in the morning nursing and getting ready for the day. But I think that's a happy enough balance for me.

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