Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sleepless Sharon in Beijing

This baby is nocturnal. I swear it.

I am awake almost every night for the last couple of weeks, I simply CANNOT sleep. Either there are Braxton Hicks contractions, or else the baby is kicking me like the 100m freestyle finals or else I have suddenly remembered something I want to check online.

Fabien and I are pretty much decided on a girl's name - Alexandra. Unless she comes out totally not looking like an Ally at all.

For a boy, we just have a toss-up between Matthieu and (Seb)Bastien. I prefer "Sebastien" and Fab prefers just "Bastien".

I guess we will just have to wait for him/her to arrive. If it is a girl, it will just save us a lot of debate. PLEASE be a girl !!

Guess what - for the middle names (which will be Chinese) we aren't decided either.

We don't have a boy's chinese name either, although we are considering Ruyi for a girl - 如意. It's one of the era names of the Chinese Empress Wu Ze Tian (and I've always thought she was the original career woman). It's also a proper noun - you can read about it here

It's also the cute indirect reference to the super cool weapon (如意金箍棒) used by the Monkey King in Journey to the West and always copied in manga and I used to read it as a a kid (heh).. But we're just not completely decided yet.

My husband's Chinese name has an "en" (法恩) so I was kind of thinking to continue the "family theme" of compassion for our kids.


mini said...

I love the name Sebastien ... ruyi is my cousin's name. Great choices!

S* said...

I love the name Sebastien too - you see, I have impeccable taste when it comes to these things !!


rene said...

Great name choices! My boys are Li En and Wei En :)

rene said...

oops I typed too fast...Lucas is Kai En and Linus is Wei En. Li En is my nephew :)