Friday, September 05, 2008

cookie dough dynamo

Murphy's law works every time.

We have a Teddy Bear's Picnic organised today. Some of Sophie's little friends are coming around and having fairy cakes and other fun things. We made cookie wands this morning. This means doing a regular star-shaped cookie and sticking a wooden ice-cream stick into the dough before baking -- Voila cookie wand!

Sophie was great at breaking the eggs and mixing it (quite enthusiastically). Fab commented that it seems she has her mother's talent for creating quite impressive culinary messes. We were all having a wonderful time, and even took some photos.

Then disaster struck ! A water main in our building burst and there was no water in the house.

So we were left with a mess like this

[insert photo]

- in perfect timing, the camera battery is flat, so I need to charge it before down-loading the photo - come back later to look at it.

PPS - My ayi is pretty resourceful. She managed to just vacuum up all the floor and scrounge around for some water to wipe down the table first so that the mess doesn't spread around the house.

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