Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Health Update for everyone

We went for a family visit to the hospital today. Mummy is doing great, and is happy to see the Australian doc. He's very funny but totally knows his stuff, and my only hesitation about having him deliver our kid is that because he's so popular - he's always (too) busy.

The baby seems to be in no hurry to make her/his grand entry into the world. We can't wait to see if it is an Alexandra or Matthieu. S/he is over 3 kg now and probably arriving on the due date of 20 September.

Sophie went for a health check to get her school medical form signed and stamped. She is slightly over 13 kg, and slightly over 91 cm tall, which is supposed to be slightly taller and heavier than average. The best news is that she's as healthy as a baby bull and every bit as obstinate.

School is going very well, the parental advice sheet said that we should send our kid to school with a "transitional object" which for us was Monsieur Chat. Strangely enough she seems to take his disappearance very well. Maybe (unlike all of us) she actually practices detachment.

But just in case she changes her mind - her loving grandparents are getting another one in France anyway.

** Post script Baby 2 will be either a Virgo or a Libra. Sophie is a Taurus, and there are days when she is BULL HEADED about things. It's really funny to see how she (apparently) matches her star sign traits. It's hogwash I am sure, but it's still pretty fun to go online and check out the "astrological fit" of this Baby and the rest of the family.


Ex Night Queen said...

Ahaha awww poor Monsieur Chat :-( Eee is vairy lonelee in zat leetel classrheum....

wow..11 more days (maybe) before kiddy mayhem again..will definitely like to read about Sophie's Sibling on this blog!

rene said...

Exciting! Can't wait to hear all about your new addition. I do see traits which matches both Lucas' and Linus' star signs :)