Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Being frivolous right now

I've been taking some time off from blogging because don't feel like I have anything interesting to say. Or at least I am being even more pedestrian than usual. The choice of McCain's running mate is just something I feel incredulous about, that Lehman is in trouble is alarming, but for now I have chosen to focus on immediate worries.

Such as why it seems impossible to buy a doll for Sophie which isn't completely Caucasian looking. Some child-care books about sibling rivalry suggest that getting a doll for Sophie for her to "feed" and "diaper" and "wear in a sling" may help with adjusting to life with a new infant at home. But preferably it should have Eurasian features that she can identify with. It seems that there is ABSOLUTELY none on the market. Apparently toy companies manufacture dolls which are predominantly White/Black/Yellow without actually realizing that there is a large market of half-breeds out there. There are some Hispanic dolls with yellow-ish skin, but brown hair and brown eyes which may just have to do. For the moment anyway.

The upsides of not working right now:
Long leisurely coffees with my friends,lovely walks with my kid (we've been blessed with gorgeous weather!) and generally doing the small bits of admin that I still have left to do before Baby 2 appears.

I am enjoying it whilst it lasts!


mini said...

Don't get me started on palin ... hehe. Unimportant stuff aside ;) enjoy your time off work! xoxo

mini said...

PS. what kind of doll are you looking for? does it matter if the doll is a baby vs. a little girl?

Sprog Mamma said...

the doll idea worked for us. veronica often puts the baby in her onsie which is like having it in a sling. we got the baby a stroller, high chair, blanket and bottle and she loves to play with it.

Sky said...

i heard that american girl is pretty good