Friday, September 19, 2008

Do you think she will be a lawyer?

Yes, we are still waiting, trying to prepare ourselves and Sophie.

She is currently fascinated by the baby's mobile (which she "helped" to set up) and also the wall decals I put up near the baby's bed. Since Beijing is still technically an earthquake zone, I don't want to hang paintings over any beds. So I put wall decals for the baby to have something interesting to look at. I originally envisaged this beautiful leaf and branch pattern in gold and black (babies apparently need high contrast patterns) but Sophie had other ideas!

I gave her 2 leaves of the decals to play with and set to work with the rest. I explained she could play with ONLY 2 leaves. Then I went out of the room to deal with something else. When I came back, I realised she had re-arranged all the patterns, and our subsequent conversation went like this:

"Sophie, why did you take out all the leaves? Mummy said you could play with only TWO leaves""

"Yes Mummy only 2 leaves - see?"

And she goes back to stick 2 leaves on the wall, and takes another 2 leaves off. Okay, as an interpretation exercise, I didn't specify that she could play with only THOSE 2 leaves in particular. So she decided that this meant that she could play with any 2 leaves at each time.

Do you think that she will be a lawyer?


Rhys said...

omg! You gotta watch your words around this Sophie! =)

Inspira said...

She is a true-blue lawyer in the making. :-)