Tuesday, September 30, 2008

First impressions

So the markets have run wild, the end of the financial world is nigh. Strangely, I feel detached from the outside world.

Life now revolves around sleeping and feeding (myself and Bubs). Oh and falling deeply in love.

Thank you all our friends who have emailed us well wishes! If you have changed your address recently, please let me know by email because we will send you our birth announcements shortly.

We have a whole series of awesome family photos that I cannot wait to upload. But for now, just to record a few initial impressions.

Sophie is extremely sweet with Alex. She wants to hug and hold her all the time. I am less worried about sibling jealousy than I am about Sophie squashing her sister in her enthusiasm. On the other hand, we totally encourage it. Though we have to constantly remind Sophie that despite her best intentions, Alex does not need to share Sophie's food *(my younger daughter is probably far more at risk for on choking on a cookie than my older daughter ever was)

Fabien's parents have arrived and they are thrilled to see their two lovely grandchildren. Fab is wonderful, taking his parents and Sophie out to enjoy the end of autumn (the last spell of sunshine just before winter arrives) so that I can rest more in the mornings alone with Alex.

A picture speaks more than anything, so I really will download the photos. The only problem I having with Fab's new camera is that the photo size is so big, that it takes a really long time to upload online. Does anyone know how to shrink the size (i.e. reduce number of pixels) for uploading?


kathryn said...

Congrats Sharon! Can't wait to see pics of Alex's mop of lovely hair. =)


Sprog Mamma said...

i download the photos to picassa and from there you can chage to whatever size you want. for my blog i do 500 px.

Fioleta said...

Do you have any photo manipulating software on your computer? Usually they have image size option in which you can change dimensions or pixels/inch. For the web pixels/inch can be quite low.

sohcool said...

OK. This may sound complicated but it is really easy once you get the hang of it.

In Windows Explorer, select the photos you want to shrink and right click on "Envoyer vers" -- "Destinataire".

A pop-up window will appear and by default, it is "RĂ©duire la taille de toutes mes images". Click on "Afficher plus d'options...." and select Grande.
Then "Ok" button.

The reduced photos will be attached in your email software. You can send them out directly or use "save attachments" to save these reduced photos in another folder.

Normally a size of 1.4Mb will become 100 kb.

Let me know if it works for you.