Monday, June 02, 2008

Happy Children's Day

I was a little sad yesterday, I thought about the hundreds of parents who lost their only child when their schools collapsed in the Sichuan quake, and how Children's Day would be seriously tough on them. There hasn't been a lot of media reporting, but what little (from the international news) has been gut wrenching. It's one of those times where you feel the gulf between the rich and the poor a great deal more. Apart from air filters and organic snacks, Sophie's pre-school is also supposedly natural disaster resistant (they have contingency plans for everything from E-17 virus to pedophiles and flooding).

On a happier note, we went to the park on Saturday and watched a football game. It was tough, but we finally managed to explain to Sophie that the kids football club accepts 4 year olds only. She has learnt that she cannot do everything !

However, she got a rossette from her first horse-riding competition on Sunday! Children's day at her riding school and for the littlest riders (like Sophie) they got to do a little relay race. Sophie couldn't tear her eyes off the dressage competition (we arrived too late for the jumping).

Photos to follow, I promise.

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