Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sophie's Pony Party

We had a "Pony Party" for Sophie last saturday. Promise to upload photos to remember this day, but it was great fun. This is one photo which another parent emailed me. But we went "deluxe" this time around. This is because Fabien and I got fed up of always having one of us behind the camera, and we didn't want to worry about having photos for the party, so this time around - we hired a photographer! We'll collect the photos tommorrow and see how they turned out - wish us luck. I am really not a fan of studio shots, but I am hoping that we might have some fantastic family shots (finally!) with all 3 and a half of us !!

Some little toddler friends of Sophie came to try riding a pony (many of them for the first time) at our riding club. The parents all thought that we had a great idea to specify on the invitation "Donations in lieu of gifts". We don't want our kids to be spoiled and materialistic. So we asked instead that people make a donation to one of the charities for the children that we currently sponsor. The charity phoned me to say that they exceeded the original estimate I had given them (to expect) and asked what I'd like to do with the money ! We are so lucky to have such generous and kind friends, and I am sure this brings much blessings and good luck for Sophie's year ahead.

The organic donut cake was a real hit. The moment I told my friends that it was made from all-organic flour, eggs, milk, butter and chocolate, they let their kids take a second piece. All the kids (and adults!) had matching chocolate mustaches - It was so cute.


mini said...

Happy Birthday Sophie! Can't wait to see the photos...

I want a ride on the pony too *whine*

Anonymous said...

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