Monday, June 02, 2008

Photos and random observation

As promised are a couple of the photos for our weekend,

For more photos please see this link.

Also, just a random observation about multi-lingual environments - keep doing it !

According to this Science article, babies as young as 4 months have the ability to recognise different languages. However, unless they have indeed been consistently exposed to multiple languages, they are likely to lose such ability by 8 months.

Right now, Sophie is currently having this phase where she will answer me only in Chinese when I speak to her in English. This is because although her level of both English and French is in complete sentences, she still makes small grammar mistakes and gets annoyed when she has to repeat herself because people don't understand her the first time. But for Chinese is in "grammatically perfect" (i.e random strangers understand her) paragraphs. Possibly, this is because basic mandarin is just a lot easier to speak than English or French with all their complex rules and exceptions. When I was studying French and getting frustrated, my teacher used to console me that most French people can't speak or write grammatical French anyway!

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