Friday, June 20, 2008

we are in Singapore !!

Things I realise Fabien and we miss about Singapore:
1) small size
2) highly efficient government
3) grandparents
4) blue sky and constant temperature/humidity

We experienced (1) and (2) today as we zipped around the island to do all our paperwork and administration to get Sophie's "freebie from the Government" and arrange for her Singapore passport. Most paperwork in Singapore can be done online. The Civil service here is one of the most "civil" and "switched on" that I've ever experienced. Although possibly Italy and China bureaucracy are on the other extreme end of the spectrum.

Having Sophie doted on by my parents and grand-parents is also fantastic. The blue sky is self-explanatory. Anyone who has lived in Singapore before will know that it is a brilliant and bright blue all year round !!

Yet, it's probably a case of absence makes the heart grow fonder?

The small size feels claustrophobic after a while, and the highly efficient government feel like the Panopticon Letters made live. The grandparents are great holiday baby-sitters, but the differences in child-raising may create hitherto dormant tension. The constant blue sky is of course nice, but having the change in seasons also gives you a sense of time passing. Fabien said that his 4 years here felt like he was living on the movie set of groundhog day!


QuaChee said...

always believe that the grass is greener on the other side lol :) but i do like the skies here and orchard is getting buzz-ier - which is good. and i like the spore gov initiative now to promote the arts & media. but having seen a lil bit of overseas do leave one missing them as well - like thailand & taiwan :)

Sky said...

i'm glad you were here. we were so happy to finally meet you guys :)

La IsleƱa said...

Civil servants in Taiwan/Australia are also super civil/efficient!

...I am always fantasising about living in countries I don't know much about (no excess baggage!).