Thursday, May 29, 2008

Vaccination Trauma (for the parents)

Yesterday was Sophie's last vaccine for a long time (6 months). With Mama getting pretty pregnant and Sophie getting so big and strong, it takes 2 people to hold her still when she gets a shot, so Papa met us at the hospital.

I think the part that is most traumatising (for the parents at least!) is that Sophie understands whats going to happen, so she makes her views known from the start. She tries to bargain (no - just one shot!) and plead (I promise I am not going to get sick - don't need a shot!) but when we are through with the whole "explaining and reasoning" type of exercise, she is still insisting that she doesn't need to be vaccinated.

So I have to put her on my lap (facing outwards) and grab her arms and cross them over her body, and then Fabien grabs her legs and holds them still (whilst she trying to stiffen her body and arch her back), and the nurses give her shots on each thigh. All the time she is yelling "no no no no" furiously and looking at us (her parents) with this look of complete outrage and betrayal.

And then it's all over, and we give her a cookie (we have a no sweets rule at home, but this is one clear exception!) and she's all sweet and sunny smiles again.

But my husband and I still need to have a support group gelato to recover from all that drama...

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mini said...

oh dear...sounds traumatic for all involved :( * hands out cups of lemon gelato *