Wednesday, May 07, 2008

where is the baby?

A long time ago, Fabien started this silly game with Sophie where he dropped a ball down her pajamas and let her look for it. Since then, we have progressed to stuffing other balls and stuffed animals into her clothes. So Sophie is very used to the idea that many things can be kept inside your t-shirt.

So Why not a baby?

As we were all just lazing around on the sofa one day, Fabien told Sophie that there was a baby "ici" and he patted my belly. Sophie then started trying to look down my collar and lift my clothes to see if she could try to find the baby. It was just too funny!!

Anyway, yesterday was quite special because we took Sophie with us for an ultrasound appointment to let her see the baby on the screen. Usually we leave her at home because I don't really want to disrupt the nap and normal schedule (my doctor only does late afternoon appointments). But yesterday was the 20 week appointment, so quite a lot of scanning takes place. We told the sonographer that we didn't want to know the sex of the baby, so please don't show or tell us, so he turned the screen away from us during the "sensitive" parts.

Sophie seemed very concerned when Mummy had to lie down for the scan and wanted to hold my hand when I went to draw some blood too. But when she saw that it didn't hurt, I think she got more relaxed and curious, and kept asking Fabien "c'est quoi ca?" I think the part that Sophie is really trying to understand is that there is another "bebe" inside her maman. When Fabien says "bebe" she pats her own chest and proudly says "c'est Sophie".

The sonographer was really amused by our little (and growing!) family, and asked us how come she speaks so many languages (she spoke to him in Chinese and to me in English), and whether it was difficult to teach her. I told him that think it is just all about creating an environment. Once you've done that, I don't think anything was difficult. It just kind of happens naturally. Like getting a ball into your pajamas.

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